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The Shire MAT

Wellbeing Award for Schools

In September 2019, Laithes Primary School have made a commitment to the Wellbeing Award and have been using a framework for reviewing our current provision in relation to mental health and emotional wellbeing. We were expected to demonstrate our commitment to the following:

• promoting mental health as a part of every day life
• improving the emotional wellbeing of our students and staff
• ensuring mental health problems were identified early and appropriate support provided
• offering provision and interventions that matched the needs of students and staff
• raising awareness of the importance of mental health awareness

In September, the WAS evaluation survey was given to all members of our school community with the aim of receiving as many views as possible on this subject. All of the responses from students, staff and parents were collated and digitally summarised for us. These were then used to help us formulate a meaningful Action Plan to improve the way that we promoted and protected the emotional well being and mental health of everyone.

We regularly keep everyone informed of our progress via regular inserts in the school Newsletter, on the website and on Facebook. Students are also kept informed through assemblies, form notice boards and special mental health awareness events. 


Wellbeing Award Logo Competition

We were keen to have a Wellbeing Award logo and therefore launched a school competition. There was a great response to this  and the winning logo was designed by George and the runner-up was Annalise.


wellbeing winners

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