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Remote Learning - support with Maths

We appreciate that now the children are learning from home that they do not have access to the same manipulatives we use in school so here are some websites that your children can use during their maths lessons to help support their learning. We have provided Remote Learning packs for Maths and they include a squared exercise book, number lines, hundred squares, rulers, multiplication grids, stationery and other age appropriate equipment which should help your child with learning at home. Our daily live and pre-recorded sessions will explain how your child needs to do each Maths activity. 

On some of your children’s work you will see pictures of the manipulatives to support your child’s learning, please encourage your child to use these websites to support their learning. If you wish to use these website and you are not sure which manipulatives to use to support, please just log onto Teams and ask your class teacher for support. The White Rose home learning videos that we use for additional support will also help to explain how manipulatives are used to support your child in maths.


These websites have a range of manipulatives we use in school, the children will recognise these and use them to support their learning- if you are not sure please ask your child’s class teacher.

Maths bot-

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maths 3

Here is a visual representation of our Calculation Policy. It show the stages for each operation.





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